Hi cuzins and Aunts and Uncles! Every week I'm going to try to make a new puzzle for you! Goodluck!!! please comment the name of the puzzle and the answer1

Example: Puzzle 3


Puzzle 1

At an apple store, they are selling individually wrapped apples. each apple costs 1.00, if you trade in three apple wrappers you can get a free apple. All the free apples you recive have wrappers. If I have 20 dollars, how many apples can I get?

Answer: 29 apples

Puzzle 2

In the song 12 days of christmas, how many gifts would the singer have at the end of all twelve days?

Heres the catch; After all twelve days the singer will have 12 partidges. one the second day, the singer will have two partiges, plus two turtle doves, so four gifts on the second day.

Christmas tree
ent if you are confused!

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