Survivor Belize



Yau-Man Chan

Eliza Orlins

Amanda Kimmel

Artis Silvester

Charlie Herschel

Jenny Guzon-Bae

Sundra Oakley

Shii Ann Huang

Tyrone Davis

Adam Gentry

Mia Galeotalanza

Holly Hoffman

NaOnka Mixon

Michael Snow

Julie Wolfe

Lea Masters

Shane Powers

Danielle DiLorenzo

Jonas Otsuji

Eddie Fox


         The two tribes entered the beautiful jungles of Belize, home of the jaguars and the macaws. The tribes found out that both tribes would have to send somebody to Exile Island, based on knowledge of their previous game and actual impressions of their tribe mates. Jacinto, surprisingly, casted Nine votes for Mia and one vote for Charlie. Mia was furious. She could barely look at the rest of her tribe. “Why me?” she asked. Tyrone explained that they couldn’t send one of the physical threats, and she was unfortunately the victim. Mia claimed she didn’t need to hear his crap. The votes for Trebola were more spread out. The youngest women, Eliza and Danielle, plus Jenny, voted for Lea because they were afraid of his taking charge, and Jenny stated she didn’t want him to bring down the tribe morale with a bossy attitude. Artis and Lea voted for Danielle, causing Danielle to just smile, knowing that they are putting targets on their own backs. Shii Ann, Adam, Holly, and Eddie voted for Michael, leaving Michael, who voted for Adam. Michael wasn’t surprised. He knew he had to do some work to fit in with this tribe. The three younger women, Danielle, Eliza, and Shii Ann, said, “We love you, Michael!” as he left for Exile Island. The remaining castaways headed for their beach, ready to begin!

         At camp, both tribes had no problems, everyone getting along fine. Both tribes headed to the challenge, where Michael and Mia were waiting. They claimed they didn’t communicate much at Exile, for Michael wanted to stay true to his tribe.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep

         The castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The castaways were set up in pairs consisting of two members form opposite tribes. If you lasted longer than your partner, you score a point for your tribe. Each tribe ranked their members, so the highest rated members from each tribe would face off, second highests would face off, etc. Here are the Pairs:

1       Yau-Man     VS     Danielle

2       Shane         VS     Jenny

3       Jonas          VS     Eliza

4       Tyrone       VS     Eddie

5       Charlie      VS     Adam

6       Mia             VS     Lea

7       Amanda       VS     Shii Ann

8       Sundra       VS     Holly

9       Julie          VS     Artis

10      NaOnka      VS     Michael

         The Jacinto tribe put all their men first, which was a stupid mistake. Shane, Jonas, and Tyrone dropped out within ten minutes, along with Adam and Lea of the Trebola tribe. After thirty minutes, contestants were on the last peg, and they were sweating it out. Holly was next to drop, followed by Artis. NaOnka couldn’t take the pain anymore, dropping to the ground in agony. Medical came in, but said she just blistered her feet. She was okay to continue. Just when Amanda was ready to pass out, Shii Ann slipped, and she was upset about it. It was down to Yau and Danielle. If Trebola scored this point, it would go into a tiebreaker. After three hours, Danielle fainted, and medical came in again to give her water. Jacinto won flint, two extra machetes, and, of course, immunity!

         At Trebola, Danielle felt responsible for the loss, but the rest of the tribe assured her that she lasted longer than anyone else could have lasted. Shii Ann was nervous that she would be blamed for the loss, so she formed an alliance with the younger women, Jenny, and Artis. She claimed that she would stick with the young ones until the time comes to slit their throats. Eddie started to work on the shelter, but he took a long two-hour break to get to know Eliza and Jenny more. Adam burst into an outrage, furious at Eddie. The three younger women of the tribe, Eliza, Shii Ann, and Danielle sympathized for Eddie, targeting Adam.

         At Tribal Council, Adam showed no mercy by calling Eddie out, throwing him under the bus multiple times. That provoked Eddie, declaring that Adam is unfair and stupid by making enemies quickly. Adam countered that it doesn’t matter if he had enemies or not, because his good looks will save him every time. Eliza disagreed. “He is a disgusting person,” she said. Jeff asked Jenny and Holly how it felt to be the two oldest women on the tribe. Jenny said she was young at heart, and Holly said that she is the mother of the tribe. Danielle said her tribe assured her she wouldn’t be going home because of her effort at the challenge, and Artis confirmed that, saying she gave it 110%. Here are the results from the vote:










Vote Cast







Shii Ann















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